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Our Summer 2016 "Apachework" quilt....bright, summer, sunshine.​



Tomahawk is a new comer to the world of sports fashion, having only just launched in October 2015. We are a family owned and run business based in the southern suburbs of Sydney, Australia.

In the early ideas phase of setting up Tomahawk, we saw a little market in giving hockey a fashion tweaking. Having daughters who play, we knew that the skort was a super practical and essential item in every girl's hockey wardrobe. With a bad reputation for being unflattering and boring, we decided that the skort would become No.1 on our tweaking list and it was from here that "Project Skort" was born !!

We decided to have a go at sprucing up the skort with our sole goal being to ramp up the style and transform it into and athletic, fresh looking and feeling skort - and we did just that.

Tomahawk now designs and makes beautiful bespoke skorts for active girls and women across a range of sports who love to play fearlessly and love to look funky....our mission has been accomplished !!

The beautifully constructed skirt and inbuilt matching knicks provide amazing comfort and allow increased flexibility for us women to be able to train and play to our fullest potential without compromising our dignity. No cheeky bums here !!

We have also banished the boring colours of yesteryear and injected loads of energy by using vibrant colours and prints on a super soft, top shelf, microfibre material. We 100% guarantee that you will transform yourself into a bright little ray of sunshine whilst wearing your Tomahawk skort !!

All in all, we believe that we have achieved the winning combination of comfort and style and hope that we can provide you with the athletic look and feel you are after.

We are so excited to be sharing our new brand with you.

Thank you for checking us out xx

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